Preventive Maintenance

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Gold Medal Preventive Maintenance Program (It’s Free)

Olympic has developed a reliability and maintenance audit based on best practices in the baling industry. The best practices have been defined over the years as we have worked with over 800 organizations all over the West Coast. We call our reliability and maintenance audit process “THE GOLD MEDAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM”. We use a structured form with 72 comprehensive questions pertaining to hydraulics, mechanical, electrical, and safety practices. Enroll in Olympic’s Gold Medal Preventive Maintenance Program today and you will be eligible to receive this free preventative maintenance inspections program and free on-site Balemaster and IPS Baler training sessions.

Contact our service department with any questions you may have regarding Olympic’s “Gold Medal Preventive Maintenance Program”.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Available for purchase are specific maintenance programs tailored to your equipment requirements. (ECCM) Essential Care and Condition Monitoring. We educate our clients in current best PM / ECCM practices by first identifying the gap between best practices and the actual performance of the equipment. The purpose of the exercise is to convey to the maintenance manager what a good condition monitoring and preventive maintenance program can do to minimize downtime.

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