Turbo Separator Food Depackaging System

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We would like to introduce our new product line. Scott Equipment Turbo Separator Food Depackaging System. This system break apart the cans, bags, etc and the organics are col-lected below while the waste packaging is segregated and conveyed up the waste packaging conveyor to a bin. The packaging can be sent to recycling, incineration or waste. Made in the USA-Built To Last!

The Turbo Separator system is simple in design, efficient to use and operate. Extremely effective at depackaging food waste, it can process a wide variety of dry, wet, and every substance in between. It is built with either carbon or stainless steel for the toughest of applications. From a maintenance standpoint, every area of the food waste depackaging equipment is accessible to inspect, adjust, and clean when necessary. It is one of the most rugged systems in the marketplace today known for it’s high up time which is critical when your waste materials keep showing up by the truckload.


Learn more about how the Turbo Separator can separate most packaging from organic food waste for use as animal nutrition, supplemental anaerobic digester organics, or product destruction and packaging reclamation.

  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Wet or Dry Operation
  • Up to 20 Ton/Hour
  • Built To Last
  • Made In America

Turbo Separator: The Ultimate De-packaging System For Organics

Many states and communities are committing to reduce their waste stream footprint. This is where we can help. We manufacture one of the finest systems to help you achieve your waste reduction and re-purposing goals. Let us help you convert that waste to useable organic energy.

The Scott Separation System is a turnkey solution, consisting of controls, specifically designed feeding systems, the Separator, work platforms, discharge pumps or screw conveyors for the organics and conveyors for the waste packaging. Built with the durability that Scott Equipment Company is known for, the Scott Separation System is capable of processing a broad range of products in a single machine while maintaining a design that minimized maintenance.

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